SVEPM Conference 2024 

20-22 March 2024 - Uppsala, Sweden

SVEPM Conference 2024

In 2024 the Annual Conference will be held in Uppsala, Sweden.

SVEPM was founded in 1982 and comprises approximately 250 veterinary and non-veterinary members from 24 countries.

The activities of the Society are managed by the Executive Committee which is constituted of members of the Society on a rotational basis.

Welcome to SVEPM 2024 in Uppsala!


Years ago, when I was a fresh PhD-student, I heard about the SVEPM annual meeting and immediately knew this was a conference for me. Imagine a conference just focused on veterinary epidemiology! In all other meetings, it seemed to me that the focus was on one type of animal species, or one specific disease, with epidemiological aspects not necessarily discussed at all. When I finally got to attend my first SVEPM, I had a lot of expectations, and I was not disappointed. For the first time, I got to listen to an exclusive selection of current topics, new methods and updated perspectives – all in the company of the warm and inspiring SVEPM community. Since then, I have joined several times, each time leaving with a load of new ideas in my head, a smile on my face, and some new dance moves under my belt.

Uppsala, just north of our capital Stockholm and Arlanda airport, is one of Sweden’s oldest cities with viking graves and runestones nearby. Today, the city is a mix of old culture, academia and modern city life and we have chosen a venue right in the center of all this, within walking distance of the train station and with easy access to hotels and our gala dinner at Uppsala Castle.

We will make an effort to make you feel at home, and give you a touch of Sweden, while keeping up all the good traditions of SVEPM that we have experienced in previous years.


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Jenny Frössling

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Important dates

31 August 2023: Abstract submission closes

Beginning of November 2023: Regstration opens

31 January 2023: End of Early Bird registration

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